When using the Bulk Import process, it is possible to create part mappings for multiple years at once.

For example, instead of having separate rows for each such as:
Honda, Accord, 2010
Honda, Accord, 2011
Honda, Accord, 2012
Honda, Accord, 2013

You could set it up in your import file like:
Honda, Accord, 2010-2013

PartFinder then breaks them apart for you during the import process. While PartFinder views these each as a single part mapping, it can save you time when preparing your mappings import file.


First, Activate Year Ranges

  1. Log in to the PartFinder app
  2. Go to Settings > Mappings
  3. Toggle "Import Year Ranges" to "On"
  4. Then, select the Search Field that uses ranges (usually this is "Year") 

Next, Prepare Your Data File

While preparing your Bulk Import File, simply use a hyphen to separate the first year and last year.

Note: if your range is 2010-2020, it will include both the range ends (2010, 2020) as well as all years in between.

Lastly, Import Your File
Simply follow the import steps for the Bulk Import Part Mappings process. PartFinder will do the rest upon import.