The Settings page contains general information about your store's account, as well as the ability to toggle certain features on and off.

The General tab contains the following:

Store Overview Information

  • Store Name
  • Store ID
  • Platform
  • Time Zone
Email Settings: Opt in or out of receiving email updates from the PartFinder team.

The Widget tab is where you can find the code snippet to add PartFinder to your storefront. Simply copy and paste this code to your footer scripts as directed.

The Mappings tab is a dashboard that enables you to:

  • Toggle the Map to Variant SKUs feature on or off. The Variant SKUs feature is only available to those on Pro and Premium subscription plans.
  • Export part mappings to a CSV file for re-import or other use.
  • Link to part mapping export files
  • Delete part mappings

The Subscription tab shows current status of the PartFinder plan you are enrolled in.