To change your subscription to the PartFinder app, go to the Settings Page and Subscription tab in the PartFinder app.

Select the new plan you would like to subscribe to, and click the appropriate Upgrade or Downgrade button. Changes are prorated based on the time of usage. 

You can also switch from a monthly plan to a yearly plan or vice versa.

  • If moving from a monthly plan to an annual plan, you will be billed immediately for the cost of the annual plan less a prorated credit for the remaining time on your current month's subscription.
  • If moving from an annual plan to a monthly plan, your billing cycle will change. Your remaining balance on your annual plan will be applied to each monthly bill until any credit is used up at which point your credit card will be billed for subsequent monthly charges.

Note: While we allow you to freely change plans, we do not offer refunds once a payment is made.