Note: There are many ways to customize PartFinder's functionality and appearance. However, it is not necessary to do so. PartFinder's default settings enable you to be up and running as soon as you press the "Publish Design" button on the Manage Your Design screen. You can return to change settings whenever you want to.

Design the look of your Teaser button and Widget on the Design tab.

The Teaser Button is what will appear at the side of your screen to open the Widget.

Changes are made live on screen so you can see results immediately; however, changes will not be made in the store until the “Publish Design” button is clicked.

Using the Color Picker Tool

To use the color picker tool, use the sliders to select both the color palette and shade, or type the hex color in the dialog box and click the Select button.

Below “Widget Styling” is an option for adding a graphic to appear on the Widget background instead of a solid color. Simply enter the file location of the graphic you wish to appear in the Background Image box.